Japan's relations with other nations varied one time after another.

United StatesEdit

The US was responsible for opening Japan's gates to the world. A Treaty of Peace and Anmity eventually led to trade between the two nations. The US helped to upstart the modernization of Japan.


France made contributions to Japanese governance. During the Boshin War, France supported the Shogunate forces which became controversial with the US and UK, who sided with the Imperialist forces.

The fall of France in 1940 by Nazi Germany led to the establishment of the pro- Nazi Vichy government. As such, the Vichy regime permitted Japan to takeover Indochina.


Britain shaped the modernization of Japan's navy, which helped Japan to gain dominance in the seas. This became vital in Japanese victories in the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War. As Japan emerged as a major power in Asia, Britain felt threatened by the growing strength of Japan's forces.




Little contacts persisted between China and Japan since 1638?, resuming by 1865?. Tensions initially rose between the two nations. The First Sino-Japanese War broke out over territorial disputes, resulting in a Japanese victory and control of Formosa and Korea.

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